New Arts & Ecology partners announced

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We are very pleased to announce confirmation of three partners to help us deliver the new Arts and Ecology Master’s degree at Dartington Arts School starting in April 2022. The three organisations, Learning Planet, Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and Cyland, form part of a new international network exploring the space between arts and ecology. Our innovative degree programme examines this area in detail and we look forward to working with our partners closely throughout the next year and beyond.

These organisations join a growing list of leading partners at Tate, Serpentine Galleries, Delfina Foundation, Massachusetts Institute for Technology, Leonardo, Hauser and Wirth (to name just a few) who have also helped us reimagine learning since the founding of Dartington Arts School last year. This is part of our intensively collaborative, interdisciplinary approach cuts through all of our degree programmes, from Arts and Place to Poetics of Imagination. This has led to significant cultural events and conferences, including the recent Black Atlantic: Sensing the Planet conference which brought together leading thinkers in decolonial thinking for intensive discussion and debate at Dartington. Through these partnerships we are able to draw on a wide range of expert knowledge and experience, all of which help inform our new, progressive learning programmes so that through them we can meet the needs and passions of students today more effectively than a mainstream university.

Natash Rivett-Carnac, Curator of Arts and Ecology at Dartington Trust, said: “The Arts and Ecology programme is designed to engage practitioners in collaborative problem-solving in the context of place-based learning. On that basis, we are excited to announce the partnership between Dartington, Cyland, CRI, and Learning Planet, UNESCO. We are ​excited to work together to solve global problems in locally relevant ways.”

More details about the new partners:


Learning Planet, UNESCO (Paris)

Launched by CRI and UNESCO on the 24th of January 2020 on the occasion of the International Day of Education, #LearningPlanet is a growing, global alliance of organisations committed to learning and education. Its mission is to gather players from around the world in order to identify, celebrate, enhance and scale up innovative educational solutions towards sustainable futures that ensure the respect, well-being and fulfilment of oneself, the others and the planet.


Centre for Interdisciplinary Research (Paris)​

CRI is co-constructing and sharing new ways of learning, teaching, conducting research and mobilizing collective intelligence in the fields of life, learning and digital sciences, in order to address the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs).


Cyland​ (St. Petersburg)

Founded in 2007, CYLAND is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding the intersection of Art :: Tech through an annual international festival, visual exhibitions, sound art, video art, and educational programming. Over the years, CYLAND has brought together artists, curators, engineers, educators and thinkers to create amazing projects around the world.


We are accepting applications for the limited number of remaining spaces on  the MFA/MA Arts and Ecology starting in April 2022. For more info and to apply click the button below.

Lead image credit: Josh Pratt