Covid-19 testing during study


Please follow UK guidance regarding travel and transportation/

Please contact regarding the details of your arrival, and for queries about accommodation on the estate.

Upon Arrival

Unless otherwise directed by the student accommodation team, please report the Welcome Centre upon arrival to the estate. The Welcome Centre is located at Dartington Hall, under the archway, where the Guest Services team can help you.

More information about what to expect on arrival, including a handy checklist of things to bring >

covid-19 asymptomatic ‘LFD’ testing

Please do a Covid-19 test twice a week and report your results online.

Test before you travel to our campus. Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests are available free of charge via the NHS.

You are asked to test again immediately upon arrival on campus and then again 3-4 days later. You should the test yourself twice weekly while you are on campus.

Whatever your result, report it right away through the website.

When reporting, select that you are testing to go university, and enter the postcode TQ9 6EA and select Dartington Trust as your education provider. We recommend you create an account to save time.

Dartington provides a regular LFD Collect service to students on campus – students are given free test kits upon arrival either at their student accommodation or on the Estate.

Reporting a test result

If you have a positive test result please tell us by calling the Covid reporting hotline 01803 847019 (8am-8pm) or by emailing us

Please follow NHS guidance and self-isolate immediately, and order and perform a PCR test within 48 hours – you can order yours online from the government or by calling NHS 111.

why testing is important

This LFD testing programme is for the benefit and wellbeing of yourself, our learning community and the wider community.

About 1 in 3 people with Covid-19 do not have any symptoms.

Using lateral flow tests will enable us to identify infectious people who are asymptomatic, ensuring that they can isolate and prevent onwards infection. The test involves taking a swab of the inside of your nose, and for some test on the tonsils area. There will be instructions to show you what to do. Remember: no test is perfect. Sometimes they can give an incorrect result.

By identifying more people with the virus early, we can better mitigate the transmission of Covid-19 and help protect your friends and lecturers, allowing your learning to continue uninterrupted.

Quarantining if travelling from or transiting through another country

Please refer directly to Government guidance on Test to Release for International Travel and How to Self-Isolate upon arrival to the UK as you may need to self-isolate for full 10 days before the start of your programme.

Vaccinated students may be able to undertake daily LFD tests rather than self-isolate.

Testing for Quarantining students

The 10 day self-isolation period can be reduced through the new Test to Release scheme.

Please note that, if you choose to take a PCR test, you will need to organise your own PCR test and pay for the service yourself.

All students, regardless of quarantine, are asked to participate in two campus-wide lateral flow device (LFD) testing at the start of classes.

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