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This Bursary Application Form should only be completed after reviewing our Bursary information page.

IMPORTANT: please ensure you refer to the following application deadlines to avoid disappointment:

January 2022 start: Applications closed
April 2022 start:
Applications closed
June 2022 start:
Applications closed
September 2022 start (postgrad): Applications closed
September 2022 start (undergrad): 5 May 2022

Please complete the following application form to the best of your ability.  You can contact us at admissions@dartington.org if you have any questions or issues.

(Please state if BSc/MA/MSc/MFA etc, and please indicate if full- or part-time)
Please note, we are unable to offer full fee bursaries
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Please provide a statement supporting your application for a bursary. The Dartington Bursary Panel will read your statement and make an assessment based on the information supplied, along with their notes from your application form and interview.
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