Short Course Programme

In addition to our Higher Education programmes, Schumacher College delivers a unique brand of unacredited, small-group experiences which embrace learning through head, hand, and heart.

This takes place in the classroom, the gardens, the kitchen – it is part of everything we do. Short course participants join our learning community on courses ranging from a weekend to three weeks. Join us to discover things about yourself, make deep friendships with students from around the world and start a lifelong connection with the College.

The programme includes our long-running Schumacher Practical Residency In Sustainable Horticulture – a rich, six month immersive programme learning how to grow food in a way that maintains and restores soil and ecosystem health.

We hope that your involvement with Schumacher College will help to sustain you and we look forward to welcoming you in the near future.

short courses: a stepping stone to an accredited course?

Our aim is offer learning at all levels, to suit all lifestyles and budgets. We also understand that diving straight into a master’s degree can be a big step, in terms of time commitments, budget, or both.

As part of our Flexible Learning approach, all of our higher education qualifications are available in shorter formats (such as a Postgraduate Diploma), and it’s even possible to take individual modules on an accredited basis.

Some of our short courses go one step further, offering single modules – that are often only available as part of our master’s courses – as standalone, unaccredited short course options. There’s no entry requirement, and no need to apply.

When browsing our courses, check out the ‘Learning Pathways’ information on each course page to see if an unaccredited, short course version is available.

the Schumacher Practical Residency In Sustainable Horticulture

Each year, we offer the chance to join us (generally from April to October) for an exciting opportunity to learn the practical skills needed to grow food and practice horticulture whilst working with nature and biological cycles.

Our current mainstream food system is in need of profound healing and repair. If you are willing to try new approaches to help achieve this, then this six month residency is for you. Explore with us how to protect and restore the soil, foster and sustain a healthy ecosystem, use renewable resources whilst growing an abundance of delicious vegetables for use in the college kitchens.

Schumacher College has an international reputation for its holistic and systems approach to sustainability. We have over nine acres of land integrating food production with beauty, biodiversity and quiet spaces for contemplation. We adjoin Martin Crawford’s 22 year old forest garden and are close to his research trials site. We are also a mile from Totnes, home of the Transition Movement.

watch: step into schumacher college’s gardens