Holistic Science Talk: Living with Light; Dancing with Horses


04 Nov 2021

the advantage of artistic approaches in scientific research

Join us for the latest in our Holistic Science public lecture series, with Katherine Buchanan.

Science has accepted only some of our human ways of perceiving and has reduced much of its expression to that which can be measured and weighed. This is, of course, of great value, but often many insights must be excluded for fear of their ‘subjectivity’. The restrictions may also dictate or constrain the scientist’s experiments.

In art, the ‘subjective’ and all human senses are celebrated. Important perceptions may be awakened in those that behold the true artists skilled expression. In it they may find qualities that were not immediately obvious to them and in recognising the truthfulness of these, will become deeply moved.

When art and science are inter-woven in research extraordinary insights and truths with practical meaningful applications may be reached.

In this presentation Katherine will discuss some ideas towards the true braiding of art and science and will give examples of the success of such approaches.

about the speaker

Katherine Buchanan completed a BSc. in archaeology, and biological sciences at the University of Cape town, South Africa. She has a PhD from University College London based on research in the French-Italian Alps (ecology and evolutionary biology) and has held post doctorate research positions at Oxford University and the University of Edinburgh (population genetics). She has a diploma in Goethean Anthroposophic Natural Science (Goetheanum, Switzerland) based on her research on landscape and plants in Scotland.

Katherine is currently an independent freelance botanist, zoologist, ecological consultant, researcher, tutor and mentor and is research associate for the Life Science Trust in East Lothian, Scotland. Her areas of interest include ecological, biodynamic and sustainable farming in partnership with Nature; artistic approaches to scientific research; herbology and environmental education.