Student & Staff Resources

Studying at Dartington, you are joining a growing student community.

We are committed to providing exceptional support and guidance throughout your studies. Our aim is to work together to ensure you enjoy the best possible learning experience.


before you arrive

Find out when your Welcome Week takes place, and learn what to expect if you are arriving on campus for the first time.

Accommodation image


If you’re studying on one of our courses and want to stay on-site, you’ll need to apply for one of our accommodation options.


Guides and Handbooks

Our Student Handbooks are a vital source of information, and are supplemented by Module Guides and Programme Quality Handbooks for all our courses.

library books

support services


who to contact

Who to get in touch with if you need emergency help, require student support or just have a general enquiry.


academic and study support

Our support staff are able to advise on strategies to strengthen your study skills, and provide advice and guidance about how best to engage with your course.


disability services

‘Disability’ means different things to different people. Whatever your situation, we’re here to ensure you are supported during your studies at Dartington Trust.


Student Health and Wellbeing

Your health and well-being during your studies are hugely important to us. Find out what key resources are available to you at Dartington.


extenuating circumstances

If you are experiencing a situation that has an impact on your ability to attend or complete your assessments at the usual time, you may be able to claim for an Extenuating Circumstance.


campus life

accommodation booking

If you’re studying on one of our courses and want to stay on-site, you’ll need to apply for one of our accommodation options.


student dining

Information on how to enjoy our enjoy delicious, organic meals, for both residential and non-residential students.


The Library and Archives

Our student library is a rich source of reference, and is supplemented by access to the University of Plymouth’s own library resource.


about the Dartington estate

Your courses are based in a very special location. It’s worth taking a moment to explore our rural estate, found in a beautiful location in South Devon.


further key resources

Information about OFS registration

We’re OFS-registered. This means we meet the Office For Students requirements for course quality, academic standards, student support, student protection and more.

Information on student loans >

About the OFS >

Student Collection Notice >

Plymouth University Study Guide

You have access to many resources and services of the University of Plymouth. Our courses are accredited through this large regional institution and you will be issued with a login to allow you to use services both remotely and on campus.

Visit the Guide >

Student Protection Plan

We are committed to helping students achieve successful outcomes from their studies. As part of this commitment we have a student protection plan which is designed to support you through a range of possible circumstances.

View the Plan >

Policies, Processes and contracts

We have a range of policies supporting our Higher Education community.

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