Equality and Diversity

What is Equality & Diversity?

Equality is about removing barriers and making sure people from all sections of our community have fair and equal opportunities to access our learning services. Diversity is about respecting and valuing people’s differences and treating them in an appropriate way.

At Dartington we actively celebrate the diversity of our learning community and aim to be inclusive, maintaining a learning environment that is free of all types of discrimination at all times.

Issues of equality and diversity are covered by the Equality Act (2010) which aims to protect our human rights to be treated fairly, equitably and without discrimination regardless of our age, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion or belief, disability, marital status, or race.

More information about these protected characteristics can be found here (new website).

support services for current students

academic and study support

Our support staff are able to advise on strategies to strengthen your study skills, and provide advice and guidance about how best to engage with your course.


disability services

‘Disability’ means different things to different people. Whatever your situation, we’re here to ensure you are supported during your studies at Dartington Trust.



Student Health and Mental Wellbeing

Your health and well-being during your studies are hugely important to us. Find out what key resources are available to you at Dartington.


Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

The Dartington Learning Community is registered with the Office for Students, and is committed to ensuring that all students have a fulfilling experience of higher education. The environment in which they learn and study is key to achieving this aim. In order to succeed, they need to feel safe, healthy and part of a tolerant, inclusive academic community.

Emergency Procedures for the health and safety of our learning community are on the student resources site.