Regenerative learning offers hope for the future of education and society.

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“Social regeneration can’t be taught with industrialized education, but it can be cultivated through participatory learning. Therefore, educators play a unique role within a paradigm shift”: Lauren Elizabeth Clare – Regenerative Learning Symposium participant.
Visual scribing of the symposium by participant Caroline Verzat, a researcher (and artist) from France (shared by permission)
PASSIONATE educators gathered together for the first Regenerative Learning Symposium at Dartington Trust as well as the launch of a collection of essays: Regenerative Learning: Nurturing People and Caring for the Planet by Satish Kumar.

Laren Elizabeth Claire attended the event along with 50 other educators and writers to discuss how we move away from the dominant education system to better cultivate inspiration for the future.

Topics ranged from the challenges arising from the current education system with Dr Stephen Stirling, to focussing on compassion and creativity with Richard Dunne as well as Dartington Trust’s CEO Alan Boldon talking about the importance of ‘random acts of kindness.’

You can read Lauren’s reflections and other articles by her by clicking the button below.