Student Dining

We grow a significant proportion of the food consumed here ourselves, and both residential and non-residential students can enjoy delicious, organic meals with close to zero food miles.

This page contains information on student dining for both residential and non-residential students. It also contains information on dining whilst quarantined.

The Schumacher Kitchen was Highly Commended in the 2019 Green Gown Awards. When you stay here there are a number of excellent food and drink venues across the estate including the main learning community refectory in Higher Close, The Green Table, The White Hart, and Bayards Kitchen at The Shops.

Meal times at all venues 


*packed lunch to be picked up at breakfast (does not apply to quarantining students)

Residential Students


All residential students will have breakfast at the Craft Ed building. Breakfast will be prepared by the volunteers, and will be the traditional Schumacher spread of:

Muesli  |  Porridge  |  Yogurt (Dairy Free, if specified)  |  Compote or stewed Fruit  |  Fresh Fruit  |  Schumacher Apple Juice  |  Bread  |  Butter  |  Jam  |  Coffee/Tea  |  Snacks

All students will pick up their snacks at breakfast time, before they go off to their learning site. (Because of Covid, these will be individually wrapped.) The hospitality team will provide tea and coffee at the learning site at snack time.


Students on the lower campus will eat at the Craft Ed dining room. Students who are learning on the upper campus will eat at Higher Close refectory.

NB on some days, students will require a packed lunch: dates are noted on the schedule above.


Supper will be served at the Craft Ed dining room. All residential students will eat supper at Craft Ed dining room.

Quarantined Students


items to be provided in bulk to students and kept in their rooms. Items will include:

Muesli  |  Yogurt (Dairy Free, if specified)  |  Compote or stewed Fruit  |  Fresh Fruit  |  Schumacher Apple Juice  |  Bread  |  Butter  |  Jam  |  Coffee/Tea  |  Milk (DF if specified)


Lunch will be a packed lunch of salads and soup and bread, made at the Green Table and delivered to the room at 1:00 by the hospitality team.


Supper will be a simple meal (stew, ragout, frittata and vegetables, etc) which is delivered cold at lunch time. The quarantining student can then heat up the meal in their microwave when they are ready for supper.

N.B. all rooms should be kitted with microwave, fridge, ceramic plates & bowls, cutlery, salt and pepper shakers, sugar in a lidded jar. Other items can be available on request.

Non-Residential Students

All non-residential students who would like to buy meals from Dartington must buy them a week before via our online order form.

The meals will be served in the same manner as for residential students. The exception is where Arts and Place students, who are learning at Space, have bought a meal; they will always be served at Higher Close Refectory.

Please note that this means there may only be one or two students eating at Higher Close on any given day, depending on the uptake of the meal offering.

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