Explore our accommodation

Welcome to the Dartington Hall estate! Our accommodation is located on four parts of the estate – the Courtyard, Higher Close, the Bothy and the Old Postern. Students will be offered a room at one of these locations, depending upon their programme of study. The maximum walk between these sites is 20 minutes at an average pace.

During the spring and summer months (April-September), it is also possible to book a campsite pitch at Camp Dartington. Students receive a 15% discount off campsite pitches, using the discount code STUDENT15. If you would like to book a campsite pitch, you can do so here.

Map of accommodation site locations (click to enlarge)

what’s included

Our accommodation is offered as a fully catered residential experience to include accommodation and utilities as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. Meals are usually served at the Old Postern or the Higher Close Refectory.

Your room includes:

  • Single bed and mattress
  • Duvet and pillow
  • Bedside table or similar
  • Bedside lamp or study lamp
  • Desk
  • Curtains or blind
  • Wardrobe
  • Coat Hangers
  • Chair
  • Waste receptacle
  • Sink (available in some bedrooms)

Catering and services included:

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner served daily in our student canteen areas
  • Utilities to include, gas, hot and cold water, electricity, Wi-Fi
  • Weekly laundry change to include fresh bedding and towel
  • Access to the College laundry for your personal laundry
  • Kitchenette facilities (fridge, kettle, microwave, cutlery, crockery & glassware)
  • Bathrooms are shared between approximately six people


Student food and accommodation fees cover Onsite Teaching Weeks in terms 1 and 2 only for all course programmes.

Accommodation in Term 3

For students starting in September, Dartington Hall Trust does not normally offer students, on any programme, food and accommodation after the end of Term 2, when postgraduate students will be working on their dissertations. Students must make arrangements to vacate their rooms when the second term ends.

There are nevertheless instances where accommodation may become available to students in Term 3. Where this is the case, all students will be notified and further details provided. International students on student visas will be given priority for this accommodation. However, there is no guarantee that you will be offered the same room as you held in Term 1 and Term 2, or on the same site.

Students who commence their studies in January and who are on residential programmes will be offered accommodation for the duration of their taught modules, normally leaving the estate to complete their dissertation.