Grace Rodgers

iron bird

Myth fuses with Systems Thinking; a short film exploring the interrelationships between humans, non-humans and land – set within the environs of HMP Dartmoor, located within Dartmoor National Park.

11:11 HD Video
Photographic prints on archival paper
Totemic artefact in earth pigment, silk and
weathered finds.

about grace

Grace Rodgers (b.1976 London) is a filmmaker, photographer and visual artist whose work explores place through mapping and visualising the interrelationships that exist between humans, nonhumans and land. Rooted in Systems Thinking, Ecopsychology and guided by principles of Regenerative Culture, her work seeks to make visible the often-invisible patterns and processes in our worlds, with a focus on exploring edges and zones of transition.

Her background as a mentor and facilitator of socially engaged projects orientates her work towards collaborative and community practice, in turn contributing towards the deconstruction of dualistic and colonial modes of thinking.
She lives on the North Devon coast with her family, inspired by the diverse landforms and the dynamic rhythms of ocean and shore.

Grace Rodgers Gallery Shot
Grace Rodgers Gallery Shot
HMP Dartmoor
Grace Rodgers Gallery Shot
Microcosm in the Macrocosm
Ferrous Flow
HMP Dartmoor