Scholarship T&Cs

The terms and conditions of applying for and obtaining scholarship whilst studying at Dartington Trust can be found below. View all scholarships here >

  1. Students may send in a scholarship application with their application for a full-time Masters place on the programme of their choice. To apply, applicants must submit a written statement to the question published for the programme of their choice. The statement should be no longer than the specified wordcount and submitted alongside your application.
  2. The scholarship amount will be awarded as a one-off deduction from the tuition fees.
  3. Final Scholarship decisions will be communicated to both successful and unsuccessful applicants on.
  4. Applicants must apply for the full programme on a full-time basis.
  5. Scholarship Applicants are not obliged to be residential.
  6. The decision will be based on a combination of (a) what is deemed by the Programme Coordinator as the best response; (b) the course application form; (c) a successful interview; (d) evidence the individual can cover the remaining fees. The decision is not based on financial need.
  7. Scholarship applicants, both successful and unsuccessful, are also eligible to apply for a bursary at the same or at a different time.
  8. Any financial information provided will remain confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of Dartington Trust.
  9. Dartington Trust reserves the right not to consider an applicant for a scholarship if the entrant is, or has previously been in debt with Dartington Trust, has previously been withdrawn on Academic grounds, has submitted fraudulent documentation or inaccurate/incorrect information to the Trust previously.
  10. Applicants must be available for interview if required (in person or via telephone/Skype).
  11. Applicants may not under any circumstances defer take-up of the scholarship until a later date.
  12. The decisions taken by the Programme Co-ordinator are final and not subject to appeal.
  13. Scholarship recipients who switch to part-time study will be required to immediately pay back to the Trust 100% of funds awarded. The Trust may apply discretion where exceptional circumstances are deemed to apply.
  14. Scholarship recipients who withdraw from their Masters programme at any point will be required to immediately pay back to Dartington Trust 100% of Scholarship Funds awarded commensurate with the process outlined in the Tuition fee Policy for Withdrawn or Interrupted Students 2019-20. The Trust may apply discretion where exceptional circumstances are deemed to apply.
  15. Students in receipt of a scholarship must agree to participate in Dartington Trust’s evaluation process, including completing a Report Form, for returning to the Trust at the end of their course.