What is Regenerative Economics?

by | Jul 5, 2023

Is there such thing as a economy that goes hand in hand with healthy people and a healthy planet? Do you find yourself wondering about how you can contribute to circular economies? Do you know your doughnuts from your well-being economics?

Ecological approaches to economics are riding a wave of interest in the wake of recent fiscal events and the ever-growing risk of runaway climate change. Regenerative Economics covers a range of alternative models to mainstream economics, all of which propose ways of putting people and the planet before profit.

In this public webinar Ruth Potts and Jay Tompt, our resident economists and postgraduate lectuers, offer some introductory reflections on the alternatives out there to the current mainstream and explore in conversation the multitude of initiatives taking locally-nuanced, community-focused approaches which you could get involved in or adopt in your own projects.