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This event gives prospective students for the MA Engaged Ecology at Schumacher College the opportunity to speak directly with the programme team ahead of the preferred application deadline.

Engaged Ecology is a radical new experiment in embodied learning for students looking to reconsider their relationship with the more-than-human, and find solutions to the environmental and social crises of our time.

The course equips you with the skills to engage practically in the field, while also allowing you the time and space to develop a personal understanding of the interconnected nature of the world and your place in it.

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After a brief spell studying physics and astronomy, Andy Letcher completed a degree in Ecology at Sheffield University, then a doctorate in Ecology at Oxford. It was as an eco-activist in the 1990s that he was invited to do a second PhD in the Study of Religion at King Alfred’s College, Winchester. He is especially interested in the tangled and sometimes tortuous relationship between science and spirituality, and in so-called dark green religion. He has written papers on: the distribution of mammals across continents; fairies; mysticism; and psychedelic spirituality. He is the author of Shroom: A Cultural History of the Magic Mushroom.



Sarah comes from a background in cultural theory and critical thinking, specialising in philosophies of meaning-making via the field of deconstruction and French feminism. She went on to train as a hand paper maker first in Argentina and later the UK, developing a haptic, text based arts practice in the process.

Her PhD thesis from the Royal College of Art, in cultural theory and environmental humanities, was titled “Warm Like Ice: Radical Empathies in Glacial Times” and explored how narratives of time, emotion, internalised capitalism and relational interconnectivity contribute to ecological crises. Her research draws heavily on subversive arts thinking, alternative practices of imagination, forms of unknowing, non-dominant cultural cosmologies and modes of everyday creative resistance. She works within a care-led, slow scholarship framework and is gratefully indebted to the activism of academics of colour, indigenous, minority, feminist and queer knowledge.

Sarah has also trained extensively in somatic and movement practices and is passionate about embodiment politics. She is an apprentice teacher with the school of Movement Medicine and facilitates sharing circles and eco-somatic explorations under the moniker “Embodied Ecologies”.

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Jul 27 2021


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Engaged Ecology
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