MA Arts and Place Goes on The Road

by | Sep 22, 2021 | Arts and Place, News & blogs: Arts School

Between June and September 2021, MA Arts and Place students have been travelling the length and breadth of the country to take up placements as artists-in-residence at our partner organisations.

These have included:

  • Delfina Foundation, London
  • Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol
  • Outlandia, Scottish Highlands
  •, Devon
  • ACA Northumberland
  • CAST, Cornwall

In each case, our students have been exploring the imaginative as well as material processes of their practice out “in the field”. The programme forces them to confront what it means to produce work outside of the traditional four walls of the artist’s studio, taking art out of the ivory tower of exclusivity and into really tangible places, in collaboration with active communities, in urban or rural environments. For the final module, the students return to Dartington to share their findings and begin work on their final project. The photos below hopefully give a sense of the different locations and art practices in development.

Image Credit: Jo Joelson

The Arts and Place / Urban Places Residency at Delfina Foundation, London where Kad Karababa and Anne-Marte Rygh made work in response to Delfina’s Collecting as Practice programme (June 2021).

The Arts and Place / Contemporary Remote Residency at Outlandia, Scotland where Ali Beradelli, Branwen Lorigan and Kad Karababa were artists-in-residence exploring tensions around nature, industry, tourism and heritage (July/August 2021).

The Arts and Place / Themes in Residency at CAST, Cornwall where Chris Booth and Sam Mills were artists-in-residence responding to the theme: Contested Territory (September 2021).

The Arts and Place Residency in Stavanger, Norway, where Anne-Marte Rygh explored coastal geology through an ecofeminist perspective. These are still images from her performance work.