Resident Artists’ Showcase in our Gallery

by | Apr 14, 2022 | News & blogs, News & blogs: Arts School

Artwork in the gallery

We’re delighted to see work on display in our Gallery by the local artists who make up part of the artistic fabric of Dartington. The work will be on display until 15 May and brings together the diverse practices that are all tied together through their connection to the inspiring location, heritage and living community of this place. 

The Shippon Artists are tenant creatives that work on the Dartington estate in the Shippon Artist studios (a creative hub immediately behind the Gallery). Creative practices on show are stone sculpture, drawing, installation, painting and printmaking. Find out more about each of the artists below.

Alongside this exhibition, the artists will also be showcasing what they do in an Open Studio on Friday 22 April, 11am – 4pm. Prints of work by Barton Hargreaves and Anthony Garratt are also available to purchase in the Welcome Centre shop or via this link


Anthony Garratt

Anthony’s current artistic practice is both studio painting for solo and group exhibitions, and commissioned public artworks, which usually major on the practice of painting. Having spent a decade exploring paintings inspired by the British weather, and isolated locations, Anthony’s current paintings are visual montages that imply details and memories of real places and experiences, but in the themselves are plastic fictions; landscapes we will never visit. 


Barton hargreaves

Barton is an artist and printmaker whose diverse practice has developed simultaneously with the technological developments within digital print. He makes indoor and outdoor installations and fine are prints using digital and more traditional processes such as etching and screen print, often mixing them up together. Barton’s body of work explores nature’s response to a failed human endeavor: “In another way these works are simply the recording of a moment. A fragment of time in both my life and that of the place.”


Maria Moorhouse

Maria has been a tenant artist on the Dartington estate for 10 years. She also runs the Sculptworks stone carving workshops and courses from the Shippon Studios. Maria is a trained stone carver, tutor and artist and has had a 20 year career in teaching her specialist subject of stone sculpture. She carves all her pieces by hand using the traditional methods of stone carving.


Oona wagstaff

Oona is an artist and Doctoral researcher with Loughborough University, investigating the relationship between drawing and sound. Although studying with Loughborough, Oona works from the Shippon Studios, where she generates her research drawings, three-dimensional works and sound pieces. Oona’s exhibits include artifacts from her recent drawing research, in which she asks whether or how making a sound may be the ephemeral equivalent of making a mark.