Accommodation info for International Students

We are able to offer accommodation to international students outside of the Onsite Teaching Weeks, as long as they have entered the UK on a Study Visa.

During Onsite Teaching Weeks, you will be fully catered for, with all meals included. Outside of these weeks, you will be charged an ‘accommodation only’ fee and will be able to self-cater in one of our dedicated self-catering blocks. The costs for the self-catering accommodation will be made available to eligible students after you have made an enquiry with the accommodation team.

All students who have entered the UK on a visa to study must hold a residential address for the duration of their studies. You must also keep us informed of any travel plans if leaving the course at any time.

Important: Students on student visas must provide their detailed plans for the Christmas break period and from the end of Term 2.

Please be aware that students with a Student Visa may not leave the UK for more than 30 days on any single occasion. It is also a condition of the Visa that Dartington Trust is provided with contact details for students at all times. Please keep us informed by emailing both and

Also important: Please ensure you also read our Explore our accommodation page for full details around when you can stay on campus.