Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS)

In order to be eligible for a Student Visa, you must have an unconditional offer of a place on a course. To prove this, we will send you a reference number, called a Confirmation of Acceptance, or CAS number. You will need this CAS number before you can apply for your visa.

In order to obtain a Confirmation of Acceptance of Student (CAS) number needed to apply for your visa, you should:


Hold an unconditional offer letter from Schumacher College / Dartington Arts School (The Dartington Trust).


Have paid a deposit of £1,000 minimum towards your tuition fees (£750 for EU/EEA students).


Have passed an ‘IELTS Academic for UKVI’ that demonstrates you meet the minimum B2 score (CEFR) for English language as set by UK Visas and Immigration. You will have an opportunity to submit this information when you apply for a course here. We will use your certificate to verify you on the IELTS website.*


Hold original copies of your academic certificates or transcripts. Both qualification equivalence and University will be checked with ENIC to ensure they are recognised by the UKVI.


Hold a translated copy of any academic documentation not in the English language. Translations must meet UKVI requirements.


Have had your financial documentation verified by a legal immigration team (contracted by The Dartington Hall Trust) to ensure it meets the UKVI requirements for financial evidence**. Information about financial evidence can be found in the UK’s government’s ‘Documents you’ll need to apply’ page. If you are in receipt of a Chevening Scholarship this does not apply.


If you are required to pay an NHS Immigration Surcharge***, you have confirmed you do not have a litigation debt of more than £500.00 owing to the Home Office.


You have met all other admissions and UKVI criteria.

Further notes: please read in full

overseas language requirements

*If an international student is using an overseas qualification to meet the English Language requirement, this should be accompanied by either a UK ENIC English Language Proficiency Statement or an Academic Qualification Level (Statement of Comparability), or both, depending on the country of study. For further details visit

financial requirements

**We will ask an Immigration Lawyer to review all financial evidence needed for the visa application. In order to help we’ve prepared some notes on this financial evidence and on other preparations for your trip to the UK you may find helpful.


It is important that you check all information yourself on the UK government’s ‘Documents you’ll need to apply’ page.

NHS Immigration Health Surcharge

***if you owe a litigation debt owing to the Home Office you must let us know as soon as possible. Your visa application could be refused if you have an outstanding debt for NHS treatment of £500 or more; or if you have been involved in a legal case with the Home Office and as a result you have been instructed to pay the Home Office’s legal costs, but you have failed to do so.

If you have previously had permission to stay in the UK as a Student

If you have previously had permission to stay in the UK as a Student then your student visa sponsor can only give you a CAS for a new course if your new course represents academic progress from your previous studies.

If you are applying for our undergraduate programme but have previously been sponsored to undertake a course at undergraduate level (Level 6) in the UK, we will not be able to sponsor you for a second undergraduate degree.

If you are applying for one of our masters degrees but have been sponsored to undertake a course at Masters Level (Level 7) or Higher in the UK then we will not be in a position to sponsor you to undertake a Masters with us in the UK.